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Born in Jamaica, nicolaalee migrated as an international student to pursue studies in Davie, Florida. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from California State University, Long Beach, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and International Trade from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, and an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Broward Community College, Davie. She is a recipient of the Graduate Research Scholarly and Creative Activity Award, the Creative Achievement Award, the Werby Endowed Scholarship, and the Olsen Graduate Art Scholarship. Nicolaalee is a Harold J. Missoi Gallery counsel member in San Luis Obispo. She has collaborated on projects with lauren woods and collaborator/curator Kimberli Meyer of American MONUMENT, Heather Barker, the Immersive Design Research Lab, Craig Stone, and the American Indian Inter-Tribal Drummers Puvungna, and fiber-based installation artist Sheila Pepe. Nicolaalee interdisciplinary art practice explores video, sculpture, installation, performance, public art, and community engagement. Her conceptual sculpture practice explores Restorative Justice and intersects one of the growing disenfranchised minorities of the greater Los Angeles region. Artist writes her name in lowercase. 

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